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HadinEEon Milk Frother (300ml/10.1Oz) white,black,red N11


HadinEEon Coffee Grinder with Stainless Steel Blade & Bowl 200W 50g/8 Cups


HadinEEon Variable Temperature Electric Kettle 1200W Electric Tea Kettle, 8 Big Cups 2.0L


HadinEEon Sous Vide IPX7 Waterproof 1000W Fast Heating and Quiet Operation | Cooking Machine, White


HadinEEon Electric Gooseneck Kettle 100% Stainless Steel BPA-Free 1000W 0.8L

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Get You the Most Creamy & Frothy Milk Foam

Design for every foamy milk and coffee lover. HadinEEon Automatic Electric Milk Frother guarantees the smooth texture and original taste of frothed and steamed milk, heat up cold milk to 150 Fahrenheit and... Read More

About hadineeon

Who we are

As hard as life can be, we always find something to cheer us up, and family love is among that something. HadinEEon is a family-centered brand. It was created to make life easier in today’s busy world. We believe that the easier you can manage your cooking or other house chores, the more time you will have to enjoy your life with loved ones.

 “Press and Ease” is the brand concept HaddinEEon pursues. We dedicate to bringing high-value products that are focused on ease of use, high performance, and affordability to every home. All you have to do is press the button and ease

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