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HadinEEon Electric Milk Frother 500ml white 603B

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Get You the Most Creamy & Frothy Milk Foam

Design for every foamy milk and coffee lover. HadinEEon Automatic Electric Milk Frother guarantees the smooth texture and original taste of frothed and steamed milk, heat up cold milk to 150 Fahrenheit and get you the barista-level foam within 60~100S. HadinEEon Milk Frother Provides the perfect foamy milk for making Latte, Cappuccino and Hot Chocolate.

Café Quality at Home

The automatic milk frother electric provides consistent results every time.

milk frother 603b

Smooth and Silky Froths for Your Coffee

The electric milk frother helps creates a rich, smooth, silky, velvety, and creamy foam. You can make delicious coffee like luxurious milk coffee, latte, mocha, flat white, cappuccinos, hot chocolate, or macchiatos at home every morning. 


 2 Minutes Operation

The fully automatic electric milk frother will have it all done in about 2 minutes, no matter cold froth for iced coffees, a hot cappuccino or just a cup of warm milk, save the trip to the café and drink your rich, smooth, silky texture coffee in the comfort of your own kitchen. It will auto shut off when finished work.


 Heats to Ideal Temperature (approx. 65.5 ℃/150 ℉)

The automatic milk foamer makes hot foam to, or warms the milk to the ideal temperature(approx. 65.5 ℃/150 ℉), helps to enjoy the best taste of latte, cappuccino or macchiato.


Full-fat, Fresh Milk for a Better Result

The milk frother works with all types of milk: whole, coconut, almond, soy, etc. The consistency of the foam will depend on the type of milk you decide to use. Full-fat fresh or freshly opened milk will be recommended to get you the creamiest results. 




3 Different Results

With the automatic electric milk frother, you can get multiple results in one step: cold froth, hot froth or just warm milk. You don't have to heat the milk before or after frothing it any longer if you want a hot cappuccino in the morning!


 2 Different Discs

The package contains 2 sets with 2 different whisks. One for frothing function and one for heating function. Exchange the whisks according to your needs.


3 LED Indicators

The Red LED button for warming milk, or heating milk when frothing. The Blue LED button for cold froth(note: the device does not cool milk). The White LED indicator light will flash for 5 seconds after finished.


 500ml Large Capacity Milk Frother

The Max 17.0oz capacity milk frother can make up to 4 cups of Latte, Cappuccino, Coffee, or Hot Chocolates at one time. It's perfect for hosting a bunch of people for a nice coffee morning at your home or office. The angled spout minimizes spills and creates perfect latte art.


The Best Milk Frother:


 Easy to Clean

With a large opening and non-stick stainless steel interior helps make cleaning the milk frother super easy, simply rinsing with water & wipe with a clean cloth. Recommend to clean immediately after each use to prevent the build-up of milk residue.


 Milk Frother Stainless Steel Jug

The stainless steel inside and outside for long life working. The Max level for heating 500ml/17.0oz, the MAX level for frothing 250ml/8.5oz. the Min level 100ml/3.4oz. Always keep the milk below the MAX line and above the MIN line to avoid overflowing and overheating.


Elegant and Portable Design

No matter cold froth for iced coffees, a hot cappuccino/latte, or just a cup of warm milk, the portable milk frother gives you the freedom to enjoy café quality at home, on the go, or in the office.


Perfect for Coffee lovers

The milk frother can create surprisingly velvety, creamy, smooth, and silky milk foam helps enjoy cappuccino, latte, mocha, macchiato, flat white, or hot chocolate every morning at home. A great gift for all coffee lovers.


Enjoy your Café Quality at Home Every Morning!

Voltage: 120V~ 50/60Hz


Wattage: 650W
Max level for heating: 17.0oz/Max level for frothing: 8.5oz


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  • What are the dimensions of the Electric Milk Frother - 603B? Thank you!

    Max level for heating: 17.0oz

    Max level for frothing: 8.5oz

    Min 3.4oz

    Thank you.

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